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Mike Ford at Making Light October 26, 2007

Posted by Laurel Krahn in : Links , trackback

For years, Mike posted some wonderful stuff over on Making Light (and Electrolite). Once when we discussed this website, he made it very clear he didn’t want a weblog or journal here as it would be too much of a time sink. Later on after Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden started blogging, he seemed to prefer being able to comment or post over on Patrick & Teresa’s site when he wanted to say something. It seemed to me that he liked being part of a conversation, but not the center of attention.

After Mike left us, Jim Macdonald began a series of posts that collected and linked to some of Mike’s posts and comments over on Making Light. I figured it would be good to link to those here, to make it easier to find them. Thanks to Jim for taking the time to gather this stuff up and to Patrick & Teresa for providing such a great forum for Mike to have some fun.


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