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Heat of Fusion and Other Stories by John M. Ford

New collection of short stories and poetry, includes short stories "Chromatic Aberration," "Preflash," "Erase/Record/Play," "Heat of Fusion," and others. Also contains poems "Winter Solstice, Camelot Station," "Cosmology: A User’s Manual," "The Man in the Golden Mask," and "110 Stories."

Tor Books, March 2004.

The Last Hot Time by John M. Ford

You can read a sample chapter (on the Tor Books website).

Tor Books, December 2000.

From the End of the Twentieth Century by John M. Ford

Winner of the Minnesota Book Award for Best Science Fiction, 1998.

NESFA Press, February 1997.

Growing Up Weightless by John M. Ford

"The best novel laid on Luna since The Moon is a Harsh Mistress." – Gene Wolfe

Winner of the Philip K. Dick Award, 1994.

Bantam, November 1993.

Fugue State by John M. Ford
(it’s half of a Tor Science Fiction Double, the other half is The Death of Dr. Island by Gene Wolfe)

Tor Books, August 1990. Out of print.

Casting Fortune by John M. Ford

Three stories set in Liavek.

Tor Books, June 1989. Out of print.

The Scholars of Night by John M. Ford

St. Martins Press, February 1988. Out of print.

How Much For Just The Planet? by John M. Ford

New York Times bestseller.

Pocket Books, 1987.

The Final Reflection by John M. Ford

One needn’t be a Star Trek fan to appreciate this novel; many Star Trek fans do consider it the best book ever written about Klingons.

Pocket Books, 1984.

The Dragon Waiting: A Masque of History by John M. Ford

Winner of the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel, 1984.

Timescape, November 1983.

The Princes of the Air by John M. Ford

Timescape, November 1982; Tor Books, 1991. Out of print.

Web of Angels by John M. Ford

Pocket, July 1980; Tor, November 1992.